Biohaven Announces Disappointing Results on Verdiperstat

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Biohaven remains committed to neuroscience and to the MSA community. They intend to analyze the results further. Biohaven has met with Defeat MSA Alliance all along in this process and informed us of the results ahead of the press release. Biohaven asked us not to announce any findings and we respected their role. During our recent meeting with senior management, they did state the following:
—- Patients should consult with their doctor about this news and continuing medications.
—- The open-label phase of the trial which is 1 year treatment period, is still ongoing.
—- No new patients will be admitted to the early access program (“EAP”) but continued use of the medication will be under consideration. We know Biohaven has already reached out to a number of people.
Defeat MSA Alliance is still passionately committed to research into drug development and new therapies to help slow the disease and even reverse its course. There are multiple drugs in the pipeline for MSA.  Register on our research hub for updates and direct connections to further drug development efforts:
For the full press release from Biohaven Pharmaceuticals, visit here:

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